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Holly Mello      


Location: I am located in the town of Byfield, Essex  County, MA.... servicing Northern MA, Middlesex County and Boston areas...

About Me and my work:

I have always loved photography .... ever since I can remember, I have been the one in the crowd with a camera in my hand.... most photographers will say the tell your story, and  of course, help share your story... can you imagine a world without photographs?

Capturing some of the most insignificant aspects of nature and finding the beauty in them is something I truly enjoy.. it is especially nice when others see it too!   The beauty in the simple things in life motivates me to create a portfolio I can share with everyone.

I now offer digital  portrait photography as well as landscapes and nature. I am most fond of outdoor portraits, both candid and posed, but also partake in studio lit sessions which can be fun and quite dramatic too!  

My goals are to bring a child's personality to life when you look at one of my photos... there is something about the innocence and curiosity in a child's eyes... I also strive to help people see something ordinary as unique and beautiful by looking at it in a different way then they might if they happened upon it in nature.  I get so amused when people have to ask "what IS that??"

Thanks for taking the time to view my site.. a true work in progress.... frankly, I prefer TAKING the pictures!  :-)

Comments are welcome... in fact, I would love them.. Just Click on "YOUR FEEDBACK"


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